“Out of Africa” – Global Nomad styling with a slight tribal twist

"Out of Africa" - Global Nomad styling with a slight tribal twist.


Welcome to my African-Tribal/Sassy Safari Style, which incorporates a unique earthy and raw African environment, This safari-inspired interior evokes a well-travelled owner, and a fashionable edge to this remarkable property.

All professionally styled by Gregg Spencer-Churchill, of Mr Home Staging & Design Co.

Whether it’s an emphasis on the elements of tribal African culture, the exotic mood of the safari, or a mixture of both, African styling is based on two distinct themes – the unique textures, patterns and colour found only in a Africa’s rich natural environment, and the abstract and organic art that stems from firmly ingrained rituals and traditions dating back eons.

The harmonious blend of Africa’s people and its land is captured in the earthy palette of Savannah browns, deep, vibrant reds, soft gold’s and burnt oranges so often found in their stunning fabric and pottery patterns. Colour schemes of dazzling blue and green, reflect the influences of sea, land and spectacular burnt sunsets.

Furniture features rich, rough timbers, rugged in style with stylised safari accents, rather than decorative carvings, whilst fabrics are textured and bold with vibrant geometric patterns. For a Safari decor introduce elements such as faux-skins (NEVER use real animal hides, but only FAUX hides) for the floor, wall, cushions and furniture and art objects that represent the animal world. Much of the texture in African accessories comes from natural plant fibres, such as palm leaves and grasses, most notably used in baskets and woven objects.

The introduction of innovative South African handicrafts made from recycled materials is a great vehicle to add colour, design, unusual detail and a touch of whimsy (as well as helping to support community-based projects) to your interior.

Comfort is foremost in an African decor, with an overall effect of effortless bush-inspired luxury, a wild sense of adventure, but always relaxed and in harmony with nature and its surroundings.

  • Project Year: 2016
  • Project Cost: $5,001 AUD – $7,500 AUD
  • Country: Australia
  • Zip Code: 6000

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