Premium Real Estate Interior Styling

Perth’s Leading Real Estate Styling & Property Installation Experts!

Our bespoke, market-leading styling proposals, that we are renowned for, will be formulated with exacting design precision, and a fully supervised installation service. We provide a professional styling service for a wide range of distinctive properties. With an extensive range of contemporary furniture, artwork, lighting and decorative accessories available for hire, our expert interior styling team can utilise existing furniture items in an occupied property, or fully furnish and style a completely vacant property, which is our specialty, and what we are renowned for in Perth.

Our primary focus is to immediately increase the buying appeal of a property to potential purchasers, which in turn will contribute towards achieving a premium sale price. Working closely with our network of established real estate agents, their partners, and vendors, we assess both the interior architecture style of the property, and the most appropriate demographic spectrum of buyers likely to visit, then formulate and fine tune a premium interior styling solution to suit.

By introducing the correct combination of colour, texture and pattern, and through the use of our contemporary furniture, lighting, wall art and soft furnishings, the property’s true value is instantly highlighted, and appreciated by the buying public, through our design and real estate expertise, with proven sold results.

With over half a decade of experience in styling Perth’s finest properties, Mr Home Staging & Design Co is the only real estate stylist of choice, when it comes to delivering high value for Perth’s vendors.

Our huge range of contemporary furniture will instantly appeal to the buying public’s emotions, and connect with them, from the first step into the beautifully transformed property. We get asked on a regular basis, to sell all the styling furniture, decorative accents, floor rugs, lighting etc. with the property.

If you cannot see the true potential of a vacant property, how can you market or sell it, and expect buyers to realise the true potential. 90% of buyers cannot visualise the true potential of your property by staring at vacant, boring spaces. They will more than likely, focus on the negative features in the space. Buyers will never linger in a vacant space, as there is nothing to stimulate them to stay in the space.

By not styling a vacant property, it will take 50% longer to sell, there is no functionality or identity of what the space is intended for, the acoustics are poor with loud echoing, leaving potential buyers very confused and unfulfilled. The harder you make the selling process for buyers, the quicker they will move onto your competition.

We deliver a styling exuberance, with a great amount of love and passion, and a unique dynamism to a space, which in turn provides it with a character and a beautiful soul. This forms an emotional connection with the buyer, and gets the property sold.

Our styling advice and assistance is entirely professional, but we also remember the importance of listening – our clients’ input is valued and your personal requests are considered and respected.

Our Premium Interior Styling services includes the following:

  • A free, no obligation interior styling proposal for vacant or occupied properties
  • Full or partial interior styling
  • A dedicated and qualified team that manages the entire process from start to finish
  • Installation and display set-up of all hired items, making of beds, including styling of decorative accents, wall art hanging etc.
  • You will be notified one week before the hire period expires, and the pick-up of goods scheduled in

Our experienced and qualified stylists, have the ability to create any look, style or design to suit your property, resulting in a faster sale and usually for more money.

Contact Gregg Churchill on 0404 739 978 to enquire more about our Premium Real Estate Interior Styling Service, or to arrange an obligation FREE quotation and proposal.