At Mr Home Staging & Design Co. we are qualified interior designers, real estate agents and property styling experts, and have been Perth’s #1 Premium Boutique Interior Styling Company since 2011.

At Mr Home Staging & Design Co. we OWN all our display furniture; decorative accents, lighting; bed linen, soft furnishings; floor rugs etc. so we don’t borrow or have “on-consignment/loan” from local furniture stores, furniture hire companies or any third party, as then more unnecessary costs are added to your display proposal, costing you more money.

Our proven track record for selling properties effectively, stands at 98% in the first 28 days, a record yet to be improved upon in Perth. Our innovative and fresh contemporary styling, immediately connects with the buying public, and grabs their attention as soon as they enter the property. They are transported to a beautifully presented and styled property, which portrays a dream lifestyle they all want to aspire to. That’s is why we are the “preferred” real estate and interior styling company in Perth, by all the top real estate agencies, forward thinking property developers and informed private home owners. We get you the desired results, you would expect from a premium boutique styling company.

Our individual proven results and expertise, is in strategically developing an effective marketing concept for properties about to be released onto the competitive market. We implement our distinctive real estate and design knowledge, to present properties having an inestimable value. We understand your property as a highly valuable marketable product, which must jump-out online from the competition. We do all the marketing research for you, and achieve above normal results for your property, by showcasing its actual current value.

As the styling “author” of your vacant property, we highlight the architectural detail and all the positive features in a property, catapulting your property to the stand out and get noticed, whilst online. Your listing will also be promoted several times a week, across all our popular social media, as a free courtesy to our valued clients, again, another first client’s free service in Perth.

We understand all the elements of design, from colour, textures, and patterns to all the hues in the rainbow. We showcase the luxe elements of a property, creating a memorable and most importantly, an impressionable interior to the buying public. We unlock the “properties soul” and create an inviting styled property that has been reborn, with our beautiful contemporary furniture, artwork, floor rugs, lighting and decorative accents. We believe in totally banning “bland and boring” and “cheap and nasty” from all the upmarket properties we style.

We don’t waste your time with several packages or styles to choose from, because we focus entirely on our core business. We only have ONE style, and that is “Premium Style”. Our alluring styling product is always sophisticated, beautiful and appealing, making it the envy of the styling community. Most importantly it gets your property SOLD, which is the true gauge of qualified interior styling.

We have exceptional professional business relationships with all of Perth’s top real estate and property developer companies, large and private. We are very proud of our continued working relationships with the “Best in the Industry” and feel privileged and blessed to be their first choice when it comes to vacant real estate styling.

Most importantly what makes our company distinctive, is we are wholeheartedly passionate and love styling and designing unique properties interiors, five days a week, all year round.

We are always at the forefront of the latest innovative styling trends, by being connected to all the enlightened professionals across the real estate and design community.

Re-defining Property Styling in WA

Style it, List it, Show it, and Sell It.